Hire A HIAB Crane To Move Any Load

Hire A HIAB Crane

If you have large or heavy items that you need moving then you can hire a HIAB crane vehicle to be of assistance.

Highway Logistics provide HIAB solutions at competitive rates to both the public and major UK organisations, and hold all of the necessary accreditations required to carry out the job properly. Whether you require a vehicle for a one-off job or on a regular basis, we have a range of HIAB crane hire services to suit your needs, along with fully trained and qualified drivers available to lift and transport your goods.

HIAB Crane Hire Benefits

Whatever it is that you’re looking to move, we’re confident we have a vehicle to suit your requirements. Our HIAB cranes are suitable for almost any job, no matter how large or heavy. In fact, there isn’t much that our heavy duty HIAB vehicles can’t handle. If you have an awkward or abnormal load then we will ensure a suitable route is planned in advance. If there is restricted access (e.g. narrow streets) at the delivery or drop off site, or you need goods delivered above or below ground level, then HIAB cranes are perfect.

One of the major benefits of using a HIAB crane is that they often remove the need for expensive forklifts or mobile cranes. This means that our drivers can easily load your cargo onto the vehicle at the collection point, and then offload it at the drop off point with minimal fuss.

What Does HIAB Stand For?

For those of us within the industry the word HIAB is synonymous with ‘loader crane’ but what does the word stand for and what does it actually mean?

HIAB is an acronym. In other words, it’s an abbreviation of the full name of the company Hydrauliska Industri AB that manufactures this type of hydraulic crane. In fact, the word HIAB is often used to define any type of truck mounted or mounted crane by any manufacturer much in the same way as the word ‘Jacuzzi’ is commonly used to describe any make of hot tub.

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