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HIAB hire rates – What is a HIAB crane?

HIAB is actually a brand name.  It’s a word that has become common place in the haulage industry when referring to a lorry loader or lorry mounted crane.  These vehicles are made up of a truck and crane combined in one vehicle and help to load and unload trucks by using the vehicle engine to power the hydraulics of the crane.  The beauty of these vehicles is that they can deliver goods to site as well as lift them on and off the truck which can often reduce the need for a separate mobile crane.  They can also be used to move goods within a space very easily.  For example rather than delivering goods they can move containers, solar panels, generators or other items from one space to another within a building site which is a common request for us at Highway Logistics. 

There are two common types of HIAB truck.

Rigid – A rigid HIAB is a vehicle which is a made up of the truck, trailer and lorry mounted crane all in one rigid structure. 

Articulated – An artic HIAB is a vehicle which is made up of a truck with the lorry mounted crane situated behind the cab.  These trucks can move around unit only or can pull a variety of trailers.

How much does a HIAB cost?

Are you looking to hire a HIAB and want to know what it will cost? We operate within an industry where overheads are high (think expensive trucks and equipment, highly trained crane operators, road tax and rising fuel cost). Factors that influence HIAB hire rates include: 

  • The distance and time to compete the task
  • The types of vehicles which are required
  • The flexibility available to get the task done

What you get in the price:

  • Highly trained drivers and crane operatives
  • Quality, up to date lifting equipment
  • Planning and tracking of jobs
  • Comprehensive Goods in Transit Insurance 

Need a HIAB? Get in touch for a quote

We asses each job individually depending on your needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Highway Logistics today, contact details can be found below.


  1. 20 ft shipping container picked up from Wakefield and delivered to Sunderland doxford park, how much

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