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Transport services – A haulage company you can trust

As haulage companies go, Highway Logistics are one of the UK’s best. That’s why we are ‘Your Total Transport Partner’. Whether it is a container, pallet or a more complex freight load you need moving about, we can help. From general road haulage to HIAB and lifting, to specialist plant. Our haulage company is built around customer service, quality, reputation & safety.

haulage companies
Haulage Companies – Highway Logistics

Based in the North East of England, we serve the surrounding areas throughout Northern Northumberland, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyneside, Gateshead, South Tyneside, Sunderland, County Durham, Darlington, Hartlepool, Stockton-on-Tees, Redcar + Cleveland and Middlesborough daily with quick international transport to Europe and national response to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Highway Logistics Ltd brings together many years of road haulage services experience into one place, offering unrivalled ability to meet your transport services needs across many sectors. Whether on our own haulage company fleet or within our carefully selected road haulage companies– we can help.

Our business is built around customer service, reputation & safety. Highway Logistics exists to aid safe and reliable lifting, transport and road haulage for commercial businesses and individuals; across all industries, with a focus to become your one-stop-shop for all your freight transport needs.

General Road Haulage Services

Road haulage services – UK and Europe

Highway Logistics Ltd can transport a variety of general goods, using our curtain sided trailers, from one pallet distribution, many pallets distribution – to full loads transport. Our general freight haulage network operates across the United Kingdom, to deliver goods from beer to chemicals.

Our dedicated technicians manage our fleet of freight vehicles in-house, ensuring that all of our trucks are maintained to the highest standards.

Our consistently reliable service proves that we take freight transport of goods seriously. Each of our trucks contains compliant and tested freight-restraining systems with air-ride suspension which helps protect your goods.

All Highway Logistics transport trucks are regularly renewed to meet and exceed current legislative and environmental standards. This provides a pleasant working environment for our freight drivers as well as ensuring our professional standards are maintained.

Road Haulage Companies – Are My Goods Insured?

Yes, virtually all freight carried within the UK is moved under the terms and conditions of ‘The Road Haulage Association Conditions of Carriage’ of which we are a member. This is a standard form of conditions which set out, in formal terms, the freight haulage contract including insurance liability.

Remember; regardless of how much your freight is worth, the maximum level of standard cover is £1.30 per kg of lost/damaged freight or £1,300 per tonne from your haulage company. If you would like more freight insurance cover for your goods, please contact Highway Logistics and we can discuss your needs.

Specialist Haulage

Specialist Haulage Companies

As well as general freight haulage, our heavier road haulage vehicles are suitable for a wide range of abnormal load movements and out-of-gauge transport services requirements at a fair cost.

Highway Logistics can undertake and arrange all types and sizes of specialist haulage work, from simple, in gauge, one-off moves, to larger more complex multiple vehicle abnormal loads and bulk road haulage project moves.

We have the ability to handle your complex road transport freight logistics, whether it is cargo shipped as Break Bulk (BB), Heavy Lift (HL) or Out of Gauge (OOG).

We can cater for any job needs:

  • STGO Vehicles Solutions
  • Abnormal Load
  • Semi Low Loader
  • Low Loader
  • Super Low Loader (wafer)
  • Extendable Flat
  • HIAB Vehicles Solutions
  • Container Sideloader
  • Container tipping chassis
  • Curtainsiders delivery
  • ADR (Except Class 7)
  • Section 5
  • Boat/Plant Transport
  • Break Bulk
  • Out of Gauge (OOG)

Palletised Distribution And Transport

Offering a complete solution for the daily management and delivery of palletised freight across the UK. Our fully trained drivers and customer service team are able to utilise our flexible fleet of vehicles to ensure we collect and deliver your consignment on time and intact.

Our team will keep goods safe at all times, and we use secure transport tracking technology to ensure we know exactly where each vehicle is located. As part of our service, we can provide same day deliveries from single pallet distribution to full load distribution.

haulage companies
Haulage Companies – Highway Logistics

Our haulage company team works hard to guarantee total customer satisfaction for each and every consignment, regardless of the challenges.

Do I Need To Use Pallet Transport?

In most situations, pallet distribution is suitable for:

  • 1-5 pallet consignments services
  • Heavier pallet goods services
  • Regular pallet quantities services
  • Fragile goods pallets services
  • Anything that requires fast and economical shipping services

However, lots of companies and individuals choose to send all manner of items on pallets these days. So, there are few limits when it comes to the type of products.

Read our guide on pallet distribution services here.

Hiab Hire

Truck mounted crane hire is a sensible choice for our customers if you are looking for a versatile piece of machinery that will work for all different kinds of applications and projects. By hiring a HIAB lorry, you will benefit from the incredibly easy road haulage transportation and set up time.

haulage companies
Haulage Companies – Highway Logistics

Our experienced HIAB crane operatives can lift and haul a variety of objects, using our long reach and HIAB lorry loaders, including but not limited to:

  • All sizes of containers
  • Commercial sign
  • Movement of accommodation
  • Large generators and compressors
  • Industrial machines
  • Industrial material
  • Boats/sea equipment
  • Wheeled plant machinery
  • Hot tubs
  • Large kitchen media e.g pizza ovens, fridges
  • Mobile homes and static caravans

Crane Hire

We offer on crane hire service when needed. If you are planning a lift, hire a Highway Logistics Ltd duty HIAB crane and operator service to work to your instructions.

Crane Contact Lift

Further to regular crane hire, we offer a Contract Lift service, which will see us take on further responsibilities.

Highway Logistics will plan the lift, select a suitable crane, will designate an Appointed Person, supervise the lift and arrange the slinging and signalling.

Lift Plans

Highway Logistics can consult on safe lift planning. The planning of individual routine lifting operations may be the responsibility of those who carry them out (e.g a slinger or crane operator).

For more complex lifting operations (eg a tandem lift using multiple cranes), a written plan should be developed by a person with significant and specific competencies – adequate haulage company training, knowledge, skills and expertise – suitable for the level of the task.

Plant And Heavy Haulage

Need To Move Heavy Equipment?

If you work in an industry like building or construction, or in an industrial warehouse, then the chances are that you’ll be familiar with some type of plant machinery.

The equipment known as ‘plant’ often forms the backbone for a huge variety of industrial activity, but its large and weighty nature means it can be difficult to transport the equipment from place to place. 

haulage companies
Haulage Companies – Highway Logistics

Luckily, there’s another industry that’s designed to do just that, and plant road haulage ensures that companies can get the equipment they need, delivered safely and on time. Highway Logistics can cover all of your plant and heavier road haulage service needs, including transport on step frame and low-loader trailers.

Highway Logistics Training

FORS – The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme

Improve your fleet standards with FORS through Highway Logistics.

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme for fleet operators which aims to raise the level of quality within fleet operations, and to demonstrate which operators are achieving exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

Lifting Plans Service

Highway Logistics can consult on safe lift planning.

The planning of individual routine lifting operations may be the responsibility of those who carry them out (e.g a slinger or crane operator). But for much more complex lifting operations (eg a tandem lift using multiple cranes), a written plan should be developed by a person with significant and specific competencies – adequate training, knowledge, skills and expertise – suitable for the level of the task.

haulage companies
Haulage Companies – Highway Logistics

Operators Licence Compliance Training

Highway Logistics can supply training with regards to O licence compliance for individuals and other haulage companies. Here are some examples of the content provided as well as the benefits of the training for both drivers and operators.

Course Content 
  • Latest operator licencing system for haulage companies
  • Vehicle checks and defect reporting requirements
  • Overview of European drivers’ hours rules and working time regulations. 
  • Driver licencing -UK and Europe
  • Enforcement systems, procedures and penalties. 
Benefits Of Attending 
  • Demonstrates the consequences of non-compliance for both operator and driver. 
  • Enhances knowledge and understanding of road transport law.
  • Greater understanding of the OCRS system and powers of enforcement.

Haulage Services – What Is An O Licence?

An operator’s licence (or O licence) is the legal authority needed to operate goods vehicles in Great Britain.

A licence is issued by the Traffic Commissioner – the independent regulator of the commercial road transport industry; a Traffic Commissioner also has powers to take regulatory action against a licence holder and road haulage companies where they fail to meet the expected standards of operation.

This action includes curtailment (limiting or reducing the number of vehicles an operator is able to operate), suspension (temporarily stopping operations) or revocation (permanently removing an operator’s licence to operate commercial vehicles).

Haulage Company – Container Moving

Standard Haulier Moving

A standard container truck with a skeletal trailer will move your container, which can carry a combination of one 40′ container or two 20′ containers or a single 20′ container.

You would be responsible for the off loading of on delivery. This is the cheapest method (per mile) to move a shipping container.

This is also the best option if you are able to safely lift the container off the truck yourselves (if the container is to be left at the site) or if you can safely load the container whilst it sits on the back of the truck (in a few hours) before the container is then taken directly to a port or container terminal which is equipped to lift off the shipping container.

For this service, ordinarily the driver will wait with the truck whilst you load the container and they will drive direct to port (or final destination) once loaded.

haulage companies
Haulage Companies – Highway Logistics
HIAB Equipped Haulier Moving

HIAB crane equipped vehicle is used to deliver and lift off your container. These have a single crane arm.

They are more expensive per mile to run that a truck without a crane attached but they are generally much cheaper than arranging a separate crane to to lift off your container.

These hiab trucks have a single delivery arm and typically want to deliver the container to either side of the truck.

Your Total Transport Partner Service

Contact Highway Logistics Ltd today with your requirements for a bespoke, competitive quote – whatever your transportation needs.

One of our colleagues will be more than happy to either online or by telephone call. Haulage services by land, sea or air to all European and international countries.

Call us today! Contact Details below.


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