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Heavy Haulage + Abnormal Loads

Heavy haulage is a service that many companies are not equipped to handle. Heavy items can be anything from heavy machinery to large and long equipment, or even objects like oversized steel pipes. This type of transportation requires special skills and knowledge about how to put these items onto a truck and to transport and deliver them safely. If you have abnormal objects to move, then specialist lifting may be required also depending on the scenario. Highway Logistics can offer different types of heavy haulage services to suit your needs. Heavy hauling is often outsourced so make sure your heavy haulier has all the necessary qualifications and experience before hiring them for your job.

Heavy Hauliers

What is classed as heavy haulage?

Heavy haulage refers to goods that are too large for a standard truck and require special vehicles.

Large machinery, milling machines, oversized pipework, trailers weighing over 40 tonnes, excavators, diggers, cranes, lorry loaders, forklifts, farm machinery, sailing vessel, excavators, backhoe, dragline excavator, bulldozers, graders, wheel tractor scrape, trenchers, loaders.

How are heavy goods transported?

On heavy haulage trucks – low loaders and urban rear steer trailers. Using lifts or cranes including HIAB crane trucks.

What is heavy haulage?

Heavy hauling refers to the process of transporting heavy goods. Heavy hauliers often use specialist lifting equipment and vehicles such as heavy duty cranes, mobile cranes, forklifts or trailers weighing over 40 tonnes. A typical day for a heavy haulier might be to move large machinery and bulky pipes from one location to another.

What Are Clased As Abnormal Loads?

 An ‘abnormal load’ is a vehicle that has any of the following:

 A weight of more than 44,000kg

An axle weight of more than 10,000kg for a single non-driving axle and 11,500kg for a single driving axle

A rigid length of more than 18.65 metres

A width of more than 2.9 metres

What are some heavy items you might see hauled?

Some examples of heavy items include machinery, pipes, aeroplanes, aerospace equipment, metals like steel beams and railroads tracks.

What is considered abnormal loads?

An abnormal load is a heavy item that does not fit within the criteria of normal heavy haulage, which means it either requires special equipment or an experienced heavy haulier. Some heavy goods include automobiles, scrap metal and demolition materials.

What is the maximum width that can be transported under normal circumatances?

If the weight of the heavy haulage is not an issue, the maximum width of a load that can be transported without damaging the vehicle or creating traffic problems on public roads is eight feet. Heavy hauling entails lifting and transporting heavy loads from one location to another with trucks specially equipped for this task. This often entails drawing out routes for the haul, along with notifying the local authorities that it is taking place. There is often an escort vehicle or police which will stop traffic if the load is abnormal.

Plant Haulage

Who hires heavy haulage companies?

There is a number of different businesses that need oversized hauling services, such as construction sites, engineering firms, marine companies, equipment transportation companies and demolition contractors. Heavy haulage companies also do a lot of work with the public sector. This includes moving sculptures, trees for planting or removal, monuments and parts of buildings such as towers and pianos.

Why is heavy hauling important to businesses?

Heavy haulage can be very time consuming and costly if it is not done properly. Hiring heavy haulage specialists can save your business time, money and most importantly the safety of your staff.

What do heavy hauling companies offer?

Heavy haulage companies such as Highway Logistics provide a range of services to businesses including:

– Crane hire

– Specialist lifting equipment

– Warehouse haul and relocation

– Specialist lifting and high reach equipment rental

– Transport services

Abnormal Load Expertise

There are many benefits to hiring specialists such as Highway Logistics, including:

– Staff safety is always the first priority for hauling companies so we have strict guidelines when it comes to handling heavy loads. This means that you will not need any extra insurance or liability, it is taken care of for you.

– Heavy haulage companies have access to and can offer the equipment that you need.

– With vast experience in handling large consignments, so your requirements will be taken care of as you would expect.

Haulage Heavy Loads

If it’s bulk hauling you are looking for, then Highway Logistics is perfect for what you need!

Our heavy haulage services span across different sectors from across rail, oil and gas, power engineering to museum industry and heritage. We provide customised transport solutions to overweight and – oversized transportation in the UK and Europe.

We have a fleet of all weight cargo vehicles and a team of specialized drivers. We offer extensive haulage with our modern mixed fleet of rigid and articulated vehicles. We can transport, with this modern fleet of vehicles your plant and machinery. We are specialists in freights for industrial sectors such as oil, gas and aerospace. We work together with the local police department to escort abnormal loads from place to place. All our transport drivers are fully qualified with respect to escorting unusual shipments, transporting large quantities of all products up to 150 tonnes.

Highway Logistics

Why Choose Highway Logistics as your heavy haulier

Highway Logistics hauling services has access to complex technical project planning, to provide the ultimate in abnormal or out-of-gauge load transportation. We offer transportation for every eventuality – including single load or multi ladder projects. We are proud to offer our expertise on planning.

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