What does HIAB stand for? Hydrauliska Industri AB


Introduction – What Does HIAB Stand For?

For those of us within the industry the word HIAB is synonymous with ‘loader crane’ but what does the word stand for and what does it actually mean?

HIAB is an acronym. In other words, it’s an abbreviation of the full name of the company Hydrauliska Industri AB that manufactures this type of hydraulic crane. In fact, the word HIAB is often used to define any type of truck mounted or mounted crane by any manufacturer much in the same way as the word ‘Jacuzzi’ is commonly used to describe any make of hot tub.


Hiab is a Swedish company that specializes in heavy lifting equipment such as cranes, forklifts and more. The name comes from the commonly used abbreviation of Hydrauliska Industri AB, a company founded in Hudiksvall, Sweden 1944 by Eric Sundin, a ski manufacturer who saw a way to utilize a truck’s engine to power loader-cranes through the use of hydraulics. In 1948 Hiab became one of Sweden’s first manufacturers of hydraulic-powered loaders for tractors and trucks. Today they have operations on every continent with over 3200 employees worldwide. They are now also manufacturing products such as excavators, electric vehicles and recycling machines for various industries including mining, waste management and lumber.


1965 to present day

  • 1985 – HIAB is bought by Partek
  • 2002 – Partek is bought by the KONE Corporation
  • 2005 – The KONE Corporation splits into 2 separate companies, KONE and Cargotec, with Cargotec owning HIAB


Their slogan is “Hiab helps you do more” and their vision is to build on the foundation laid in 1944, when Eric Sundin developed the first hydraulic powered loader by combining a truck engine with an existing winch technology. Hiab continues to develop new load handling solutions for freight transportation, distribution and construction equipment manufacturers.

In Industry Today

Hiab’s mission is to provide robust, safe and sustainable load handling solutions for people transporting, distributing and constructing. Their equipment ranges from cranes, forklift trucks, electric vehicles and recycling machines. Hiab is led by Björn Stafström. The company’s headquarters are currently in Stockholm, Sweden.

In The UK

Hiab in the UK provides the latest innovations for load handling to industry and has a portal that allows them to virtually interact with people who are visiting their service centres. The company is developing new ways of handling loads on construction sites, such as through material handling, and have been working with companies like Everest Construction to provide equipment for this sector. They are also working with leading distribution companies such as XPO Logistics to provide equipment such as forklifts for their businesses. Hiab is also able to provide top-of-the-range crane solutions and offer vehicles for recycling tasks such as recycling roll-off containers.

The Largest Crane Made By Hydrauliska Industri AB

HIAB’s largest crane is the X-HiPro 1058, a knuckle boom crane rated at 90 tonne-metres. Horizontal outreach is 34.5 metres with a jib, and up to 38 m vertically.

This crane features a load stability system (LSS) fitted for faster and smoother operation and it offers pinpoint precision, even at full outreach. In addition, if a control lever is quickly released, the system dampens lifting movements, helping to protect the cargo and the surrounding environment from potential damage.

What Does HIAB Stand For? – X-HiPro 1058

Conclusion – What Does HIAB Stand For?

HIAB is an abbreviation of the full name of the company Hydrauliska Industri AB that manufactures this type of hydraulic crane. The company was founded in 1944 by Eric Sundin, a ski manufacturer who saw the potential of using truck engines to power loader-cranes through hydraulics. HIAB is now one of the world’s leading suppliers for heavy lifting equipment and has over 40 locations worldwide. The company provides customers with cranes, forklifts and other products that are designed to make work easier, safer and more efficient when it comes to construction sites or any location where materials need to be lifted into place quickly. You can find out more about this Swedish success story on their website here.

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